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15 December 2011 @ 12:08 am
For any information/descriptions/cast of characters, etc. please look at the 000 (information page)
For any questions you may have please go to the FAQ.
Side Note. I have now decided to add character sheets when I can of my original characters. I will start off with Salvaskinova (from my original story Judgement) and work on others until I can actually present the story to you in written form.
these are spoilerish in nature

salvaskinova von bonivichCollapse )
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14 December 2011 @ 11:46 pm
i have been talking to someone through e-mail lately and they have inspired me to come back to this place and bring it back to some form of life. i am currently trying to work on my original stories. i have seven chapters to update you on with crane wings on windows but i am not uploading those here just yet. at the moment i am working on fleshing out some stories, etc. however i would like to start posting character sheets as my original works never seem to be done and i always have more info in the character sheets than anything else. hopefully this will appease some of you until i can really get my groove back in writing.

also at this current time i am opening up writing for random things. if you would like me to write something for you (no more than 2 pages or about 800 words) then please contact me here. consider this a drabble christmas gift. anonymous comments are now open!

i am also open to suggestions for what to write about next (for fanfiction, or original stories if you know me well enough). please note that i may not necessarily write for them, however you spark an idea in my head so do not hesitate to send me a suggestion.
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